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Do you want to see Dear Lottery Result? Here you will get details of Dear Lottery Result List and common number. Dear Lottery Number is present in this article.

UPDATE 4th March 2024

Please Note: The calculations here are given using past results. Any numbers or calculations contained herein may not be accurate.

Dear Lottery Result List:

DateDear Lottery Result
4th March 2024NILL (Update Tomorrow)
25/03/2023FR-73 / SR-23
24/03/2023FR-67 / SR-99
23/03/2023FR-65 / SR-29
22/03/2023FR-04 / SR-13
Dear Lottery Result List

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How to Dear Lottery Result

Dear Lottery is a game played in the state of Meghalaya. In this game, players choose numbers in two rounds that appear on the thumbs of the arrows thrown. Players win when they match the correct arrow numbers with the correct numbers from both rounds.

After visiting this website, you have to select “Dear Lottery Arrow”. After this, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Select the result date. Select the date for which you want to check the result.
  • Enter your Khanapara Arrow ticket number.
  • Click on the “Khela Result” button.

Thereafter, you will get the detailed description of Dear Lottery results along with your ticket number. you get your results from this

About Dear Lottery Result.

In this website you will be told about the Dear Lottery Result of Dear Lottery. Here it is estimated by looking at the results of the last few Khanapara Teer. What is going to be the next result. This is what we call Dear Lottery Result. This game is played all over the world, mostly played in India. Different and many of each exist. Everyone’s common number is present here. According to the many Khela results of all the states, we can guess what the next result is going to be. Sometimes we are proved wrong too.

Dear Lottery A very large population plays this game. And there are many games of this type. It is most popular in India. Details of all types of Dear Lottery are present in this website. Which can be accessed from the link given above.

What is Dear Lottery Number?

This game is seen the most in Dear. There is a lot of population, let’s play this game. And this game can be played from many states. We have estimated Dear Lottery Result on the basis of last few results. Which you can see from the link given in which website. We also provide the past results here. Seeing which you will be able to guess what the next number is going to be.

To know the Dear Lottery result number, you can visit its official website or group. We have given the link of the group below the post from where you can directly access its group. The player of this type of game is very quick to know the Khela Result. So that it can be estimated that what can be our result. This work can be done very easily through this website.

What is Dear Lottery, this question remains in the mind of many people. About which we have told in detail in this post. Dear Lottery result or Common Number, both of these match each other if seen. In both of these it is told that what could be the result. According to the last few past results, we find this out. What could be the next result. It is not necessary that we are right. Our guesses sometimes prove to be quite wrong. This is what we tell in Dear Lottery Result.

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